Inside the market since 2003, Próspera Brasil is an agency for events for all sizes and sectors, optimizing the results as expected by our clients, who hired our services.

We work with companies established in Brazil, start-ups and international companies interested on operational Brazilian market, as well Brazilian companies with activities in exterior. We conduct special attention to the segment of small and medium companies, offering a complete portfolio of services and events.

In our portfolio of customers include more than 100 renowned companies on the market, the entire productive chain and especially companies that work’s with Telecom and TI.

Focusing on goals and customer satisfaction, we offer a superior communication solution on coordinating, planning and managing events on schedule and of any size.

Próspera Eventos: A professional team close to partners and suppliers specialized in coordinating, organizing and executing National and International corporate events.


Próspera Brasil

São Paulo, SP | Brasil: +55 (11) 3675-1357

Orlando, Flórida | EUA: 1 (407) 486-0433 | 1 (407) 495-5112