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We work with a rich portfolio of consultants, technicians, specialized teachers in several areas, including: Innovation, Good Law, Management, Sales, Marketing, Quality of Life and Other:


  • Organization, coordination and event production

  • Reserve space for the event

  • Design, creation and printing of exclusive materials

  • Material support to participants

  • Making T-shirts, Polos, Hats and other

  • Printed and digital invitations

  • RSVP active and responsive

  • Audiovisuals equipment

  • Receptive uniformed staff

  • Food and Beverage

  • List of confirmed

  • Mailing of participants

  • E-mail marketing thanks

  • Electronic photo album


Partnership with various Universities and Class Associations, our trainings are customized to surpass your needs and achieve their goals. We have an average approval of 92% on surveys made by the participating parties.

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