Our events are focused on customer satisfaction. We coordinate, plan and manage every detail of the project, to achieve the objectives of your company. We have professional staff, partners and suppliers fully skilled and qualified.


We offer a differentiated, fully turn-key job offer, which covers among other activities:


• Exclusive coordinator to manage all aspects of your event

• Organization and Event Production

• We research and reserve places that fit your event

• We Design, create and execute exclusive materials

• Gifts

• Printed and electronic invitations

• RSVP active and responsive

• Audio and video equipment

• We develop scenography for your events

• Logistics

• Receptive and uniformed Security

• Photographic report

• Food and Beverage

• List of confirmed

• Mailing of participants

• E-mail marketing  thanks

• Electronic Photo Album 


All our events are customized, seeking the perfect harmony between commercial activities / marketing and customer relationship.

Próspera Brasil

São Paulo, SP | Brasil: +55 (11) 3675-1357

Orlando, Flórida | EUA: 1 (407) 486-0433 | 1 (407) 495-5112