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Our Consultancy is specialized and prepared to meet your needs with Planning, Marketing & Communication, to expand your business and increase your profit:


We have a large know how of scenarios, trends, competition, and especially your business, directing your investments and resources to achieve the desired results to small, medium and long term.

  • Current Market Analysis and Trends

  • Evaluation of competing

  • Evaluation of attributes, aggregates and branding.

  • Definition objectives


We plan and prepare marketing actions and communication, based on the objectives to be achieved.

  • Preparation for a Strategic Marketing Plan

  • Preparation for a Strategic Communication Plan

  • Briefing


We develop strategic and tactical actions to achieve goals, joining the marketing, advertising and design.

  • Consulting for positioning and branding

  • Marketing actions based on the data survey and Briefing

  • Monitoring processes, approvals and execution of campaigns


Marketing Consulting

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